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Natural Recipe for Straightening and Loosening All Natural Kinky Afro-Centric Hair Styles


 Shea Butter All Natural Hair Recipe


If you have very tight, course or kinky African or African American type hair, and are looking for something that will semi-straighten your hair out naturally, then you should try this little recipe I put together some time ago.

For this hair recipe, you will need some pure, unrefined shea butter, some pure virgin olive oil and some castor oil. You can find the castor oil at places like Wa  l-Mart in the section where you find laxatives because some folks use it as a "change-of-seasons" all natural laxative. And though I use the pure cold pressed virgin olive oil, you can probably get away with using whatever kind of olive oil you happen to already have in your kitchen for salads or cooking.

Here's the Shea Butter Hair Recipe:

8 oz Shea Butter

4 oz Olive Oil

2 oz Castor Oil

First, melt the shea butter down by placing it in your microwave and setting it to the “Defrost” setting. Once melted (about 2-3 minutes on the defrost setting), you can add the olive oil and castor oil to the shea butter.

Then stir to mix the ingredients. That’s it. That's the shea butter recipe for all-natural hair care. Place it on your hair and scalp as you would any hair conditioner. The difference is you will know exactly what's in it and you do not have to worry about unknown chemicals and what they might be doing to your hair and scalp.

Sometimes you will get a somewhat gritty type mixture when the mixture cools off and reverts back to a solid form because the shea butter is prominent in the recipe. So, to make it a little smoother, try “defrosting” the mixture again. That will sometimes make the mixture smoother to the touch.

This is just my little recipe. Try different portions of the ingredients to meet your individual needs. For example, I find that it is the castor oil which actually does the straightening or loosening of the hair so you may want to add more to the mixture if you want more of the straightening effect.

Please note, this mixture is not to hard straighten the hair, but can be useful to loosen tight, kinky and course hair and make it straighter for all natural hair styles such as braids, two-twist, afros, and other unpressed, unrelaxed hair styles.

Good luck managing your all natural hair style.

Loretta Crosby is editor at, an online informational resource highlighting the benefits of using African shea butter for your skin and natural African hair styles. For monthly tips on managing and caring for your skin and natural hair styles, sign up for our free newsletter at: 

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