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Shea Butter Oil Rubdown for Relaxing…

Moisturize while you heal the mind

                               Summertime and the living is easy with Shea

Yeah, sleeveless tops, golden brown skin glistening in the hot summer sun. And “girl, you sho’ is wearing them shades…darn….”

The weekend finally showed up and not a moment too soon. The tenseness in the neck area, the upper shoulder blades lets me know that while the nine to five might pay half the bills, it is time to take a break.

Time to clean house, then unwind in the ambience of soft music and the musty aroma of ancient frankincense lingering in the air.

Setting the Stage

The phone has been taken off the hook; the Venetian blinds now drawn closed. Lights dimmed…nine candles now give the only light this room knows.

The bath…yes, already drawn, and laced with my favorite milk and honey bubble bath indulgences. Why has God blessed me like this? I am starting to relax, to look forward to what I know is to come.

Shirley Horn, as smooth as silk in that incredible speaking-song voice, reminds me again, “From now on you’re only someone that I used to love…” (But that is an entirely different story.)

The Entrance

So I enter the steamy room; close the door tightly behind me and step in the tub, feeling the heat and the overwhelming “acceptance”. At first the bubbles only semi caress my skin-skin that is so thankful to be reunited with its cousin, whom I call my “secret-garden” water child.

Emptying the Mind

Eyes closed, head resting on the inflatable pillow as the mind drifts into another dimension. Oh… if heaven is like this, I should try to be good so I will be let in the gate. 

After emptying my thoughts into the great ocean of nothingness - I partake of 15 minutes of pure bliss. No worries. No cares. No me. No responsibility. No time. “Just chill and just be” as Ms Scott would say.

Slowly and ever so reluctantly I sit up, emerge to do what must be done - black soap, a loofah sponge and you know the rest. As I clean I notice just how much gold my skin holds - like the finest golden liquid oak wood, melting all over me again. I stop … tilt head back one more time, re-surmerge my self back into the now cloudy waters, waters that are still so warm, still so inviting.

Just five more minutes please, before I am forced back into that other world where work is for money and people are your biggest test. Just five more minutes of this sure pleasure, then I will get up, shower to rinse off, and then step out.

Heating it Up

A few steps to the kitchen, dripping small amounts of water on the carpet as I go.
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