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Shea Butter Oil Rubdown for Relaxing…

Moisturize while you heal the mind

                         Summertime and the living is easy with Shea (cont)

A few steps to the kitchen, dripping small amounts of water on the carpet as I go. A few more to the microwave where I heat up the solid shea just long enough to liquefy. Though I want it very warm, I don’t want it so hot as to kill the natural ingredients that I will need to work its magic on my body, on my skin.

Once my shea is melted, its back to the still steamy rest-room-turned-spa where I slowly begin to rub down from head to toe, from toe to head, then back again. I pay special attention to the feet, which yelled at me earlier in the week for not-how did they say it “taking better care”.

Since this is my time and I have all night, I don’t use the towel to dry off. Instead I let this semi-precious African shea blend in directly with the beads of water shimmering on my skin, skin so moist and elastic and ready for an evening of nothing but…but…pampering.

If Teddy were here, he would surely be singing, “Rub me down in some hot oils baby…Show me how…” You know the rest.

But instead, Ms Horn is winding down and belching out “The man you were meant so much to me…” (Accent on the word “meant”. Ah…relationships.)


My weekly shea-skins ritual now concluded; the fantasy break vanished -- though the relaxed thoughts now more empowered to make their way to the surface of my consciousness. The tenseness in my neck vanished too, having received a heavenly massage in the rub down phase. Tonight it was the pure unscented shea butter. Next week I will order some scented mango shea to spice it up even more.

Already I am beginning to replay the bath scene in my mind.

Tomorrow morning I will ready for devotions, church or whatever


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Editor’s Note: Now you can see why I call my newsletter Shea Skins. Can you begin to see how turning your skin into a "shea skin" is as easy as indulging yourself in a weekly regimen of rubbing your body down in “some burning hot oils”?

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* For your shea butter weekly bath and skin moisturizing ritual, I do recommend you use 100% pure shea. For other non medicinal uses, as long as you have at least 15% shea in the products, it should work out fine.
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