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In the Beginning

A little about how our Shea Butter Resource Center got its start.....

The regular products on the market that I had been using were not really formulated to meet the needs of a natural African hair style, and they usually left my hair very course and hard to manage, not to mention making my hair hard to the touch and hard to comb.

Did I tell you that I am "tender-headed"? So of course this was a problem for me that needed a solution.

I became seriously interested in shea butter after attending a National Black Arts Festival held at a mall on the outskirts of Atlanta. There I met this tall African American woman who literally had hair that had grown down to her knees. We started talking and it wasn't long before she told me about shea butter and all of its wonderful properties.

To make a long story short, this resource center was started as a venue to share with my friends things that I am learning / have learned about this precious natural African skin care product called shea butter. Beyond using it for my hair, I also now use it to relieve muscle aches and as a moisturizer for my face and entire body.

As I mentioned in the "About Us" section, one of the reasons I began researching shea butter was to find a cheaper source for the products which I will undoubtedly be using forever. So my ultimate goal is to eliminate the middle man and be able to purchase the products wholesale and/or direct from the African suppliers so that the African women who make the majority of these products can have more of a share in the profits.

In so doing, I hope to eventually be able to bring you shea butter products at hugely discounted prices or to at least make my competitors feel compelled to offer their products at a fairer market cost to their consumers.

Got an experience or comment you would like to share about shea? Email me.

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