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 Get A Great Start at Building Your Own Site With No Prior Website Building Experience Needed 

This site was conceived and built by Loretta, your editor.

I started creating informational websites back in 2003 and really enjoy sharing my advice and wisdom in areas that I feel I have some expertise in.

Building websites is not all that complicated (when you have the right tools) and are an excellent way to build a second income while allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home. If you know how to use a mouse to "point and click", you can build a website of your own.

Get a Website Building Education

My education on website building came from a program called Site Build It! which really did a good job in helping me find areas in my life that I was passionate about, and then allowed me to take that passion and create a website devoted to the subject matter.

In my case I discovered I really wanted to help people recall health to the body, mind and spirit, and is the informational resource I produced to honor that passion and to share my expertise and knowledge with others.

You can read about how I got started building a website with no prior experience and no computer programming knowledge in a little resource I put together called Build A Website Now.

I put together Build a Website Now (BAWN) because I remembered how frightening it was to just be starting out in the internet marketing arena, and I remember too all the GRQ (Get Rich Quick) schemes that abounded on the internet. It was really hard to know which way to turn and not lose my blouse through it all. So BAWN was my effort to share with fellow newbie website builders a way to do it while dealing with only reputable companies--companies that genuinely care about your success on the net and go the extra mile to show you that they care through great customer service and products that are designed with you as a newbie in mind.

Getting a good Website Building Software Program that allows you to build without knowing how...

This site was built using a website building software put out by XsitePro which allows me to do everything by pointing and clicking my mouse. I do not have to know any programming languages; all I really have to do is write the content for the site (i.e. get my ideas on paper).

Get a good Web Hosting Company that has all the tools you need to grow your business...

This site is hosted by a company called ThirdSphere. Third Sphere is great because it has all the tools a website builder needs to publish a website to the world. And the really amazing thing I like about 3rd Sphere is its ability to grow with me. Anytime I decide that I want to take my internet website business to the next level, all I have to do is go to my control panel at ThirdSphere and all the tools are there--tools I hadn't even noticed before I needed them. These tools just sit there until you realize its something you need to add to your site, like maybe adding a newsletter form to your site so you can send newsletters out to your readers, or maybe you have just written a special report or you want to add an ebook to the things you offer to your site visitors, and the list goes on and on.

Getting Started with building your own website...

And, as I mentioned before, learning to build websites the right way came from my Site Build It! lessons.

By finding all of these programs, I have substantially reduced the cost of building and producing my informational websites. In fact, when I decided I wanted to transfer this site from my old web hosting company to this one, it only cost me less than $8 to register and extend my domain name (what's a domain name?) at the #1 Registrar,, and a mere $10 to park/host the domain name on my 3rd Sphere hosting account. Of course you may not have a clue why you need a domain name (website address) or a hosting account (they rent you a piece of the cyper real estate) for your website, but that's okay.

The only point I'm trying to make is that you can save yourself a whole lot of money and save a whole lot of time if you want to build your own website, or your own work at home business using your computer, by using these programs and bypassing all of the "Get Rich Quick" hype on the internet.

Building a business takes time and it will be no different if your business happens to be on the internet. Though it can be so much cheaper to start a business on the internet when you have the right tools and the right connections. Without these tools, and without the step by step "hold my hand and walk me through it" instructions that you get with programs like Site Build It! and XsitePro WebDesign Software, you might end up being quite frustrated with the process.

So, if you are interested in building a website of your own, I urge you to check out the programs listed above or just go to my Quick Start Guide posted at Build A Website Now to get started.

Here's to your success,

Your Editor and Webmaster,



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