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Let us take you into the world of shea butter -- from its origins in the western Savannah regions of Africa where it has traditionally been used for cooking, lamp fuel oil, natural skin protectant and moisturizer and even as raw materials in the building of homes, to its use by African families to welcome their newborn infants into the world with a rub down in this natural oil to protect the babies from the harsh environment, all the way to its centuries-old use by African healers who recognized its properties and uses in the healing of burns, in soothing strains and sprains and more.


How this fatty oil substance which is derived from the nut of the shea tree-called various names, depending on which country you’re in-has come to its current worldwide popularity as a mainstay not only in the beauty and skin care industries, but also in the making of fine chocolates--will be revealed right here in our shea butter article and links bank. 


Ever wondered who the primary players are in the processing of shea butter in African countries? You might be surprised. And you can find it all in our Shea Butter Skin Care Information Resource Center.

Shea butter is Africa's gift for softer, healthier, younger looking skin...



We’re just getting started, so do check back in the next time you’re in our neck of the woods….



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